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Satura Cakes :: Pre-Order with Satura :: Occasion Cakes

Order a cake, desserts, or breads for pickup at Los Altos location!
- We do not support delivery for online order
- Store Hours: 8 am - 7 pm (Sun-Wed), 8 am - 8 pm (Thu-Sat)
- Pickup Time: From 9 am to Store closing hour
- Minimum order online is $20
- 10% is granted to orders placed online of $40+ (excludes special, custom, wedding orders or holiday cakes)
- Orders require 24 hours advance notice
- Cancellation/Changes Policy: If you must cancel or make changes to your order, we will require 12 hours advance notice before your pickup time. Please note that we will access the whole charge if you fail to cancel/change before 12 hours.

There are no available products under this category.